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"Never been a sinner. I never sinned." (4.5 Vicodin)

It's 75˚F and partly cloudy here in Providence. Whee.

Today, the pain is at a merciful 2 (NRS-11).

So, yesterday was all about going to the mall and finding new jeans, some new shirts, a new pair of grey Converse that are identical to my old pair of grey Converse. It wasn't as bad as it might have been. I rewarded myself with a copy of the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack, which truly is an awesome mix. Sadly, it's a CD I burned to my iMac, instead of a cassette playing in a tape deck decorated with woodgrain contact paper.

Yesterday, I put the question of a title for the follow-up to Black Helicopters to my followers on Facebook. And here are the best of the lot. Fortunately, I have the better part of a year to choose one:

1. Skunk Works (Neil McCrea)
2. Black Hats (Jim Geist)
3. Black Noise (Sonya Taaffe; this was actually Sonya reminding me of one of my own discarded titles)
4. The Coffee-Stained Memo (William Raley)
5. Permanent Sunset (James Maier)
6. Black Hawks Fly at Ruby Ridge (Eric Dracul Berardis)
7. Agents of Dreamland (Steve Steinbach)
8. No Such Agency (Sean Lewis)
9. Red Equinox (Doug Wynne)
10. The Tinfoil Hatrack (Franklin Harris)
11. Postcards from Zeta Reticula (Franklin Harris)
12. Black Harvest (Scott Valeri)
13. Tinfoil Hat Soldiers (Gardner Dozois)
14. Black Glass (Jacob Garbe)
15. Black Sirens (Stephen Spector)
16. Black Signals (Stephen Spector)

For my part, I came up with Men in Black Hats (very like Jim Geist's suggestion), and my favorite suggested title that's completely inappropriate for the project is Andrija Popovic's The Gnomes of Zurich. I'm also kicking around The Teargas Cadence. Thank you, everyone who took part! If I choose a title suggested here, I'll include an acknowledgement in the book.

Last night, after leftover chili, we watched the latest episodes of Defiance (which just keeps getting better and better) and Project Runway, and then I watched Star Trek: Into Darkness again. I'd only seen it once, in the theater, and it holds up well on a small screen.

I should work.

Aunt Beast
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