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"Remembering, remember light. Thinking of nothing, and the shooting stars."

And Lauren Bacall has died. But when a woman has lived to the ripe old age of 89, and when she has done such very marvelous things with her life, I won't mourn, but only be glad that she lived. I won't even attempt to list all my favorite Bacall films, but To Have and Have Not (1944) and Key Largo (1948) are among my favorite movies ever, and I long ago committed most of their screenplays to memory. What's odd is that I didn't know she was briefly married Jason Robards.


Here's more on the Aphrodite, the yacht I mentioned yesterday (and posted a photo of). She has a fascinating story, that lady.


Yesterday was quite surprisingly productive. I chose fourteen of the sixteen illustration that will be used in the limited edition of Beneath an Oil-Dark Sea, and I chose the four illustrations by Richard Kirk that will appear on the covers of the forthcoming PS Publishing editions of my collections. It might not sound like much, but between these five books that meant choosing from more than one hundred available images. I still have to get with Dark Horse about two images from the Alabaster comics, which will also appear in the limited of Beneath an Oil-Dark Sea. I need to choose those images today. I also attended to a small mountain of email.

And I saw, for the first time, Lee Moyer's finished painting for the cover for the collection. I wish I could post it now, but Subterranean Press wishes to unveil it first, when they announce the book (which should be any day).

Between now and the day we leave for Birmingham, only ten days, I need to go through the "CEM" (*cough cough*) for Cherry Bomb, which, having seen the final cover, I am tempted to refer to from here on as Eggplant Bomb (suggested by setsuled). Or Raisin' Hell. And I need to write a piece for Sirenia Digest #103 and try to get the digest out. Now, whether or not I can do all this, I don't know. Probably not. The "CEM" is a thorn in my side, a silly sort of a thorn, and I am tempted just to blow it off and let them print whatever they wish.

Today, we have heavy rain. It's rather nice. I just wish I didn't need to go to the bank. Like sharks, rain is prettier from behind glass.

Trouble, Taking Place,
Aunt Beast
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