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"How will you know if you found me at last?"

We seem to have settled into low eighties as a matter of course.

Yesterday was a nightmare. Later today, I may make another entry devoted to yesterday.

All subscribers should have Sirenia Digest #102. This month I'm offering a special on Sirenia Digest. Since we're already several chapters into the serialization of The Five of Cups, anyone who subscribes between now and August 18th can purchase all the issues containing TFoC for $5 each (50% off). Note that the version of TFoC appearing in the Digest is not the one printed by Subpress in 2003, but is nearer the original 1992 text. If you're interested, subscribe via the website. Then email Kathryn about the back issues (her email address should be there with the PayPal information).

From Facebook:

Dear Neko Case,

I want you to kidnap me and my girlfriend and take us to live with you in sin on your magical tour bus that smells of farts and guitars. We'd gladly eat pork and beans. We only have two cats.

Sincerely, Hearts and Flowers and Vicodin,

~ and ~

The internet seems to be deciding that commas can be used instead of periods. Even in "news" articles. This is what happens when you create a medium that relies on at least a minimal degree of literacy, but is primarily the realm of the functionally illiterate.

~ and ~

Inspired by the insipid antics of Lovecraft Ezine, on this day I declare myself the legal literary executor of H.P. Lovecraft, and I will immediately be bringing legal action against Lovecraft Ezine...and myself. And the rest of the world. We're all screwed. But I get the money.

~ and ~

Fuck, I miss real CEMs with real copyeditor's marks. Now, I get these printouts with Microsoft Word track changes...or whatever they're called. They're hard to see, often difficult to understand. Obviously, it's now officially too much to ask copyeditors to know how to use a goddamn pencil. Or learn copyediting marks. At *least* my editors have accepted that I refuse to work with electronic CEMs.

~ and ~

By definition, there is no such thing as an "electronic manuscript."

~ and ~

I'm going to do my best to write my next novel, Interstate Love Song, on my 1941 Quiet Deluxe typewriter (manufactured by the Royal Typewriter Company of Hartford, CT.). On onionskin paper. We'll see if I can do it. I have the typewriter ribbons in stock now. If Neil can write a book with a fountain pen, I can write one with a typewriter.

~ and finally ~

I've now seen Danny Boyle's brilliant Sunshine innumerable times over the seven years since its release. However, I'd never seen it Hi-Def...with nuclear Bob Marley. Wow.

So, there.

Day before yesterday, the CEM for Cherry Bomb arrived, which inspired the third comment from the bottom. However, what was sent is not truly a CEM. It's a punch of pages printed from some Microsoft programme, with oblique comments in a margin on the right. Many of these comments are so oblique as to be unintelligible. There's hardly room between the lines of text for me to make corrections. I'm tempted to toss the whole thing in the trash and let them print whatever they wish. Oh, and if you follow that link above, you can see the hideous fucking cover.

Aunt Beast
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