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"I have visions in my brain, and they’re different from the truth."

Well, first things first. I will not be appearing at this year's San Diego ComicCon. My health and nerves simply aren't up to the travel and the crowds, and I can't risk catching something that I'll have to spend a month recuperating from. There's too much work to take that chance. I made the decision yesterday and informed my the con, my editors, and my agent. Apologies to anyone who was hoping to see me there.

I should have titled this entry, "Howard Hughes, True To Form."

Sirenia Digest subscribers should have #101 waiting in their inboxes. I'm very pleased, I think, with "Far From Any Shore."

Oh, and new books have been added to Round 2 of the Cat Face Auction.

So, now...

The question before me is whether or not I am truly going to spend the next month or so writing The Dinosaurs of Mars. And, probably, the question is really whether or not I should write it at all. The story, in its earliest incarnation, occurred to me in 2006, and I've been trying to sit down and write it for the past eight years. It may well be that the proper time to have done it has come and gone. But after talking the matter over with Spooky last night, I decided to take the next two weeks and devote them to the story. I'll surely know after two weeks writing whether or not I still want and still can write the novella.

Right. Then let's get to it.

Get a Wiggle On,
Aunt Beast
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