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"I twisted you over and under to take you. The coals went so wild as they swallowed the rest."

And, suddenly, it's not hot anymore. Today's high might reach 85˚F. The air through my office window is cool, and it's currently only 79˚F in Providence.

Late last night I learned that I've received three nominations for the 2014 World Fantasy Awards: Best Novella (Black Helicopters); Best Short Story ("The Prayer of Ninety Cats"); and Best Collection (The Ape's Wife and Other Stories). News like that makes going down to meet the dream monster a little bit easier.

Though it hadn't been the plan, yesterday's proofreading of "Far From Any Shore" led to some revision and expansion of a couple of scenes, so another entire work day was spent on the piece. So, today I'll do my best to get Sirenia Digest 101 out to subscribers.

Our "Pay For Hubero's Face" auctions continue, Round 2. Please have a look, and please bid if you see something you like. Thank you.

You know, that AM/FM transistor radio that my mother bought in 1973 with S&H Green Stamps never needed a single goddamn update, and it never needed a new operating system, and it lasted for over a decade. The television I bought in 1996 with one of my first good writing paychecks and which we only stopped using about three months ago, never needed an update, no OS swap, and it worked like a dream for eighteen years. Eighteen years! Never mind I've never once needed to update the copy of Watership Down I got when I was in eighth grade, in 1977. My copy of Savage Pellucidar, ca. 1974, I don't need a fancy, schmancy next-gen Schnook or Swindle to read it. Hell, my first computer, my beloved Pandora, a Mac Color Classic, worked just fine from 1993 to 2004 – when a mover bumped the box it was in and damaged it. That's eleven years without an update or a swap in the OS, and it only went in for repairs once, because the on/off switch broke. I'm using stereo speakers I bought in 1986, and then there's my completely functional 1941 Quiet Deluxe Royal typewriter – in tip-top shape.

But now, with the iPod, the iPad, my iMac, the Asus I game on, the PlayStation, all those streaming services we use through the new television, we have to face a constant, baffling barrage of updates and patches and glitches and bugs and the like. And if a computers that gets heavy use, as mine always do, lasts for four of five years, I'm lucky. We're on our fourth digital camera since 2004, because the things just wear the fuck out. Electronics are being built to need constant revision, and they're cheap junk built overseas to a) wear out quickly and b) be replaced by "better" models ASAP. Planned obsolescence has never been a third so pervasive and so profitable. Thank fuck we don't really do much with phones. My cell phone is years old, and it isn't the least bit smart, thank goodness. One of our two phones, we got it in 2006.

Sometimes, things truly were better before.

Fuck the updates.

Now, work.

Is It Live Or Is It
Aunt Beast (?)
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