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And now we are Twelve.

Twelve is silk. Or maybe linen. I fear mine and Kathryn's anniversary may be a little dull today. After yesterday's fiasco, landing at the library in Peace Dale with nothing to do, I need to work today. And there's not a good movie playing at the Avon, just two different crappy romantic comedies. And it's too hot to do much in the way of cooking dinner. We'll see. Still, you know, twelve years. I have to admit that 2002 seems somewhat "just the other day."

After the library yesterday, we drove into Wakefield, and stood awhile on the bridge over the Saugatucket River, just west of Main Street. We were hoping to see turtles, but, instead, we saw a Great Blue Heron (Ardea herodias) and a muskrat (Ondatra zibethicus). The latter was the most entertaining. It swam out into the middle of the river, grabbed a water plant of some sort that was poking up above the surface, ate it, then swam back to shore. Oh, and there were dragonflies. And a colony of swallows living underneath the bridge. The air off the river was startlingly cool. I'll never grow accustomed to the way, in New England, temperature can vary wildly over so small a distance.

Last night, we watched O Brother Where Art Thou for the first time in years, and I correctly spotted the Gillian Welch cameo.

Back home, the temperature in the house had only dropped back to 88˚F, and Kathryn wrestled the one window unit that we have into the pantry window*. This had the effect of getting the temperature down to about 84˚F by 3:30 a.m., when I finally went to seep. This morning, I awoke too hot, once again, but at least my office and the kitchen are tolerable. In the middle parlour, the temperature is 85˚F, which is, at least, marginally better than 89˚F. All these curtains are drawn against the sun.

As I mentioned on Tuesday, we've awakened the eBay monster to help offset the cost of Hubero's recent vet bills ($600). Please bid if you can, and thank you. You can also have a look at Kathryn's Etsy shop, which has beasties and jewelry. Note that the copy of From Weird and Distant Shores is the first we've offered in years.

Now, I have to see if I can find my way back into "Far From Any Shore." Tuesday, I managed just over 1,000 words on it.

Aunt Beast

* Dr. Muñoz died last summer.
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