greygirlbeast (greygirlbeast) wrote,

Howard Hughes, Exasperated

When I woke this morning, from a dream of having my eyes removed, the thermostat in the middle parlor already read 88˚F. In something of a stupor, I dressed, took my meds, and then Kathryn and I went south to Peace Dale, and we spent the day – wasted the day – sitting in their air conditioning. We returned home about an hour ago. To the oven. As I said on Facebook while at the library:

Fled the broiling house (89F) to the sanctuary of the Peace Dale Library. But in my heat-addled delirium, I forgot every single thing I might have used to get work done here. I even forgot ear buds for my iPod. I sit...nothing to do, and in no mood just to read.

I long for central air and heat. And a house that doesn't hold in every scrap of heat, winter and summer.

And, while we're at it, I miss a world where discours de bébé isn't the Cool New Thing, whether you're a teen or in you're fifties. I "has a sad"? "Nom nom nom"? That's "totes adorbs"? Your "selfie" gave me "all the feels"? Really? Seriously? I'm talking about adult, well-read, college-educated people. And no, my generation didn't have anything linguistic to match the ubiquitous idiocy of this slang (though, as I've said, I do not see this as necessarily generational phenomenon).

God, what I genuinely, truly miss a world with at least some semblance of dignity.

Fuck This Shit,
Aunt Beast ("prickly evil")
Tags: baby talk, heat, language in the hands of idiots, libraries, lost days, not writing, peacedale

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