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"Your wheels are now in motion. I tried to stop you. I tried.."

Spooky had to have Hubero at the vet this morning at 8 a.m., as he was scheduled for dental surgery. Now we're waiting for the vet's office to call, so she can go and retrieve him. To pay for this, we'll be getting eBay up and running again this week.

Yesterday, I emailed Bill Schafer and asked if we could add "The Road of Needles" to Beneath and Oil-Dark Sea, since it seemed it should be there, having won the Locus Award. He was agreeable, so I spend the day proofing the story (again), then writing an author's note for it, then putting it all into a new "final" draft of the mss. I did some of minor editing on the book, while I was at it, and after dinner I sent it back to Subterranean Press. Volume Two is more than 10% longer than Volume One, in excess of 220,000 words.

The sun is that wrong shade of blue today. Or, it may not be so much a matter of shade as it may be, instead, a matter of intensity, or, more properly still, a matter of unbrokenness. A blue with no relief, no point of reference, no shore. It's a good day to stay inside and get work done that needs doing, though I'd much prefer to be Outside in the last day of June. But not under that sky. But at least it's sunny and quite warm.

Today, I need to finish up editing on False Starts II, the chapbook to be included with the limited edition of Beneath and Oil-Dark Sea. And then, hopefully, by tomorrow I can be working on a story for the (now late) Sirenia Digest #101.

Last night we finished watching Season One of The Bridge. It was very good, and I thoroughly enjoyed it, but I couldn't help feeling it might easily have been much better if it had only been a little more daring and just a little smarter. Still, far better than average. Diane Kruger was excellent.

And here are more photos from Saturday in Lowell (the first four can be found in yesterday's entry, along with an account of the day):

Laura Veirs

All photographs Copyright © 2014 by Caitlín R. Kiernan and Kathryn A. Pollnac

And now I must work.

Later Taters,
Aunt Beast ("prickly evil")

Postscript (1:45 p.m.): Hubero just got back from the vet, and he's fine, though now he has no top canines, and another tooth as pulled, besides. Over $600 in vet fees, so...yet, BIG eBay on the way.
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