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Jesus loves you...or else.

Speaking of the continuing stream of Jesus spam, the following stands out. It has a degree of creepiness at which one can only stand amazed in slack-jawed wonderment. It was sent, purportedly, by one David Kilter (as in "a little off kilter..."), whose e-mail is, again purportedly, Anyway, here's the spam:

A eternity of torment is forever.

Pray for those you love.

May peace be with you.

At cardboard we all can yttrium as always hatch liniment their persecute and taos and mayst..

That final sentence, I don't know if it's a schizophrenic break or some sort of freaky Jesus code or maybe a wily trick to fool godless spamtraps. Frell, I don't even know if "yttrium" is a word. Thank goodness for illiterate French Christians.
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