greygirlbeast (greygirlbeast) wrote,

"The moment's already passed. Yeah, it's gone."

Warm in Providence today. Currently, it's 80˚F (heat index at 85˚F, and the thermostat in the middle parlour reads 81˚F). The humidity really isn't that high, only 64%. But Providence has had such low humidity for many months now that 64% feels like 80%, and everything seems sticky. The last time I was this bothered by humidity was after I move back to Alabama from Colorado in the late 1980s; I'd never noticed how humid Alabama was until I lived in Boulder.


Spooky had a nice birthday. There was a mascarpone torte and Indian food. I didn't get any work done, aside from answering a few emails. I really need to get something started.

I'd like this to be a longer entry, but the weather was the most interesting thing I have right now.
Tags: humdity, not writing, spooky's bday, summer, weather

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