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"The same city where I go when I sleep..."

Today is Spooky's birthday, and we will do Spooky's birthday stuff. This morning she thought she was being very funny, and she took this photo of me sleeping (in a dark room, hence the blurriness):

I really wish that someone would convince Whoever Needs To Be Convinced that autocorrect does more harm than good, that it's a greater nuisance than it is a convenience. Seriously. It's one thing to highlight something when you think I'm in error; it's another thing entirely to attempt to "correct" for my perceived errors. The first is mildly helpful, and the later is quite deleterious.

I still have not found the next story.

I think one of the things I will remember most about 2013 is that both Nine Inch Nails and Arcade Fire released inexplicably unlistenable albums, Hesitation Marks and Reflektor (respectively). It's equally inexplicable that both albums were, almost universally, praised by critics.

And that's all I have today. Come back tomorrow.

Shoo, Git,
Aunt Beast
Tags: 2013, arcade fire, nin, sleep, spooky and i, spooky's bday
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