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Spring the Second

There was no writing yesterday, but I can honestly say that it was through no fault of my own. It was, indeed, a day of utter waste and idiocy and is best forgotten almost entirely. I did enjoy Deadwood and the Animal Planet's Dragons: A Fantasy Made Real last night. The "prehistoric dragon" segment was the best, the confrontation of with Tyrannosaurus, mostly because it was the best designed and most believable of all the dragons presented. The bit where the mating "mountain dragons" plummet towards the ground, talons locked, after the fashion of sea eages, that was nice, as well. I was annoyed that, somehow, in the evolution from the "prehistoric dragon" to the "marine dragon," dragons seemed to have acquired a third pair of limbs, at which point, it all sort of became a fantasy made real made fantasy again.

I may be going to Birmingham this evening.

This, though, from the script for The Return of the King (extended version):

Éowyn: I dreamed I saw a great wave climbing over green lands and above the hills. I stood upon the brink. It was utterly dark in the abyss before my feet. A light shone behind me, but I could not turn. I could only stand there, waiting.

Aragorn: Night changes many thoughts. Sleep, Éowyn. Sleep while you can.


We're winding up this round of eBay auctions. Again, my grateful thanks to all who have participated this time. Books are still being sent out, but you should all have your orders soon. There are a couple of things still listed, so if anyone wants to get in on the very last of it, please do. Otherwise, we'll probably start relisting books in about three weeks.

Postscript: Morgan Page, just in case you have any doubt in this regard, you are a wonderful creature — boots, bathtub, and all.

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