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"His lightening threats spun silver tongues."

I'd sincerely love to make it through a normal day – which means a day when I spend a lot of time online – without being subjected to – nay, pummeled with – baby talk and idiotic acronyms. It's everywhere I go. LiveJournal, Facebook, the people I role-play with, even email from people I work with/for. LOL, ROFL, butthurt, totes, adorbs, all the feels, ermagurd, inorite et cetera and et cetera, definitely ad nausea, seemingly ad infinitum. The internet seems able to spawn bizarre slang faster than I can possibly keep up. I take some slim consolation in the fact that just writing that shit down here is difficult; LiveJournal's zealous autocorrect keeps changing inorite to inertia, for example. But even it had no idea what to do with adorbs and butthurt. And it's one thing to see teens and people in their twenties using this crap and quite another to see people in their forties and fifties picking it up. It makes my skin crawl. Anyway...

Here in Providence, it's a chilly June afternoon. In fact, it's a chilly Summer Solstice. Outside, it's 72˚F. On June 21st. In my office, it's quite a bit cooler than that, I think.

Yesterday, I spent the day looking for a new story. I didn't find one. Today, I'll resume the chase. Tonight, I might leave the house and take part in the Pride Parade on the East Side. Though, just the thought of looking for parking makes me tired. Never mind my rotten fucking feet. I haven't marched in a pride parade since 1993.

Here we are on the longest day of the year, before the shortest night, and the march back towards winter begins. Fuck it.

Aunt Beast
Tags: 1993, gay rights, green autumn, language in the hands of idiots, queer, slang, solstice

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