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"Unbruise, unbloody, wash away the stain."

The sun came back yesterday, which helps. The temperatures will be breaking eighty for the next few days, and that helps, too. But my brain and body know that this is not truly summer. Still, I will make the best of it that I can.

I spent three and a half hours yesterday polishing "Interstate Love Song (Murder Ballad No. 8)." Polishing is pretty much as close as I ever come to rewriting or revision or whatever. But it's really nothing remotely that radical. Someday, someone will complain about how poorly my "process" is understood, because I never bothered to explain it. Or they'll be baffled at there are only "first drafts" of my manuscripts and suspect I destroyed early drafts. My "get it right the first time" method baffles a lot of other writers, but it's the only way I know to work. And there will also be people who will say that if I had written in drafts I'd have been a better writer. And all these future and present and past critics can go fuck themselves. Anyway, today I'll be putting Sirenia Digest #100 (!!!) together, and it will go out to subscribers as soon as I have Vince's artwork for the new story. There will be no chapter from The Five of Cups this month. Instead, I'm including some of the earliest SD stories in a sort of retrospective.

There are green leaves dappled with sunlight outside my office window, and I should be out there, not in here. I've passed most of the last two or three years in a fog. I've wasted an obscene amount of time not living my life.

I got the final cover for Cherry Bomb last week. Jesus, it's bad. And purple. I have mentioned that Ms. Tierney is no longer among the living, right? I thought so. I do not know the release date on the book. Sometime in 2015, I assume.

Work on Beneath an Oil-Dark Sea continues. It's essentially done. sovay did a round of proofreading after I did all my proofreading, and Kathryn is currently typing in those corrections. I still have to get some stuff to Lee Moyer who is once again doing the cover, and I need to choose the art for the limited edition, and S. T. Joshi is writing the introduction, and...well, when all that's done, it'll be a book, won't it? It's been slow going.

I went back on Lamictal on May 21st, and I'm doing better. And after the state I was in during April and May, better is really very good, even if it's far from okay on some imaginary scale of absolute wellness.

There You Go,
Aunt Beast
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