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The Beginning of the Year Without a Summer

Here in Providence, we're still not breaking the 70˚F mark, three days into May, and the forecast isn't encouraging. This was our street yesterday. In town, some of the trees are greening, but mostly ornamentals. You get out away from town, and the forests are still, by and large, barren. It looks like March. So, Cold Spring, and maybe Colder Spring. Stale hell has been supplanted by a chilly purgatory. I want to be back in the Southeast, warm amongst the bigots and the cretins, and I cannot see enduring another year here. It is my intent not to do so. I am considering an Indiegogo fund-raising campaign to get myself the fuck out of New England.

Friday afternoon, 12:53 p.m.

Not Warm,
Aunt Beast
Tags: cold spring, cold weather, rhode island, stale hell, the south

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