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Howard Hughes can't sleep.

I woke a few minutes past five this morning, after falling asleep sometime around two. I lay in bed an hour, not sleeping, almost sleeping. A police siren finally put all all hope of any additional sleep to rest (ha, ha, ha). So, I got up and watched the sunrise over our street. It was nice. I love sunrise, even though I'm not a morning person, but I would rather have been asleep. Three hours. What the frell am I supposed to do with three hours sleep?

And here is the equinox. I made it through another winter, and Ena sn'ial shall be set aside until next year. The weather geeks are saying we'll reach only 69F today, which is disappointing for the first day of spring, but which is still a far sight better than the chilly, miserable days we had most of last week. And it's sunny, which helps.

A very frustrating writing day yesterday. I began one vignette, wrote 567 words, realized that it was all story, not a hint of sex in sight — decent start for a story, but not for one of the Frog Toes and Tenctacles pieces. So, I set it aside, went out to a 3:30 appointment (somewhat inebriated, thank you Green Fairy), then came back and began a second piece about 4:30. It seemed to have great promise, and I titled it "Ancient of Days." I cut directly to the chase, no prefacing story, no set-up, and I did a decent 465 words when it abruptly sputtered out on me. So, a total of 1,032 words, but nothing finished. I'm hopeful I can actually see "Ancient of Days" through to the end today, and the weekend will not be a total loss; I'll have added one more piece to the erotica volume.

My primary hurdle with this project remains the fact that erotica is best served by a visual medium, not by mere words. It's like trying to use water to start a fire. It only works under very special circumstances. If I could draw or paint, I could get straight to the point. I wouldn't waste my time trying to convey these images. That's all I'm doing. Trying to convey images. With words. Half the time, a camera and a good make-up artist would be better suited to the task.

I wish the Jesus spam people would lay the hell off, by the way.

Well, I seem to have nothing left to say this morning. But I will remind you that the ten dollar Silk sale ends in about fifteen hours. So, if you want a copy at that price, you should visit our eBay auctions now. Also, there's a copy of the hardback of Low Red Moon up and a copy of Murder of Angels. What better way to celebrate Day 1 of Spring? I mean, besides a drunken orgy with lots of nymphs and dryads and the like.

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