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"All astride on her father's line, with the King and his concubine."

Sirenia Digest #98 went out to subscribers this morning.

Cooler and overcast so far today, but yesterday was nice. Spooky and I had a walk around the neighborhood, something I only very rarely do. Indeed, I've lived here, in this House built in 1875, almost six years now, and I am ashamed to say that my understanding of the neighborhood's geography is murky. I couldn't draw you a map. Anyway, there were flowers and the beginnings of leaves, a reassuring willow and genuinely warm sunlight. Here in mid April, Providence is managing a decent bit of March weather. There are photos behind the cut, courtesy Nemo:

I am looking oddly disproportionate.

The house I chose for Imp's place of residence, second-floor apartment. I've never been inside.

All photographs Copyright © 2014 by Kathryn A. Pollnac

I'm not entirely well. Partly, it's a nasty bit of Seroquel withdrawal. And Kathryn is of the opinion that the rest of my discomfort and exhaustion is simply post-novel decompression/ennui. After all that stress and all that pushing myself, it's over and out of here.

Until it comes back.

Today, I have signature pages, and work for Subterranean Press and PS Publishing, and...other stuff. I'm not in the mood to sign my name.

Aunt Beast
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