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"I can't make my moods match the weather."

Saturday, David Lamb of Brown Bird died. We got the news yesterday evening. He'd been seriously ill since last spring. The band brought Kathryn and I enormous joy. Brown Bird was one of the few things that could, pretty much without fail, get me to leave the House. In one of those fucked up wrinkles in fate, we first saw David and MorganEve play for the first time three years ago last night. I have often written to Brown Bird, and their music was an important influence on Alabaster: Wolves and Alabaster: Grimmer Tales, especially Salt for Salt.

There's a new hole in my world today.

"I'll give you sugar for sugar and let you get salt for salt."


I'm well into the final chapter of Cherry Bomb, which will be "finished" by Friday. Quinn and Charlee are about to descend into the hollow hills below Mount Auburn and face Isaac and Isobel Snow.

I'm a bloody raw scrap of brain. I'm smoking a catastrophic amount of marijuana. I haven't used weed like this since, probably, 1996.

The sky's a bit cloudy, but the air is mild. Currently, it's 52˚F and feels like 55˚F. There should be green soon. Tomorrow, we're promised 62˚F.


This is the last full week of the LJ as a day-to-day journal, so I hope I'll have something worthwhile to say. I hope I won't be too exhausted from work to make decent entries. I hope that people will comment. The final day is April 15th, the LJ's tenth anniversary.

Now, there's nothing else for it.

In a Lessened World,
Aunt Beast
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