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I'm not sure what I might have for an entry this morning. I'm bone tired. I want to be on a train headed south, just riding, resting, watching out the window as the world grows warmer and at least a little green. But trains are too expensive, and, besides, I have to sit here. In Providence, where there is no green to speak of, it's currently 46˚F, but we're promised a slightly less chilly 57˚F. Sunny. And that sky.

I can talk about the weather. I can talk about exhaustion. I can talk about boredom.

Yeah, I fear that's all I have today. I'll just sit here and hope it gets warm enough today to open my window a crack.

Borne Down,
Aunt Beast


Apr. 6th, 2014 08:06 pm (UTC)
Hope the day gets better