greygirlbeast (greygirlbeast) wrote,

"I'll take your breath away. And, after, I'd wipe away the tears."

Fuck this winter, and fuck this place.

I seem to have reached the point where going outside from longer than a few minutes sets me on a steep downward spiral of severe anxiety and anger and depression. And inside this box the air is feverish rubbing alcohol.

Yesterday's stale Hell:

The sky that was plagiarized out from under me.

Last night and this afternoon we watched the entirety of the first season of True Detective, but I'll write about it tomorrow. Mostly, I just needed to get the day's photo up.

Aunt Beast
Tags: anger, anxiety, depression, good tv, plagiarism, rhode island, stale hell, the south, the wide carnivorous sky, weird fiction, winter

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