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"...her heart like a rabbit and that terrible hurt."

The Earthlink bill came yesterday, and it would appear that my "stale Hell" protest/coping mechanism has cost us $200 in overage fees,* because apparently stale Hell eats bandwidth like cats eat kibble. So, two things. Firstly, I'll be putting up some stuff on eBay to cover the expense, and secondly, instead of waiting for a day that exceeds 70˚F to end the photos, I'll likely end them on Ostara. Which is sort of a fucking joke, as the stalest Hell will surely still lie ahead of me, all that Cold Spring. But, there you go. It never even occurred to me, this thing about bandwidth. I'm a child of the sixties.

And here is yesterday's stale Hell, third from the arbitrarily determined last:

Note the shitty little patch of snow in the shadows. Very cold again today here.

There was a little work in the early afternoon, but then Kathryn and I headed off to the East Side and the market. For dinner, we made cornish hens with Zante currants, apples, celery, pears, walnuts, and white onion, along with colcannon and soda bread. I don't often drink beer anymore, but we had Guinness and Newcastle. It was a fine dinner. Afterwards, we watched the latest episode of The Walking Dead, "The Grove," which was, undoubtedly, one of the grimmest things I've ever seen on television and a new highpoint for the series. A little later, we watched Shane Black's hilarious Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005), which I think counts as an overlooked gem. There are moments when the chemistry between Robert Downey, Jr. and Michelle Monaghan is reminiscent of that between Cary Grant and Katharine Hepburn in Bringing Up Baby (1938). I read "Middle Miocene remains of Alytes (Anura, Alytidae) as an example of the unrecognized value of fossil fragments for evolutionary morphology studies."

Aunt Beast

* This isn't insult to injury. This is injury to injury.
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