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Today at Beavertail on Conanicut Island I took my first ever underwater photograph, in a tide pool in which the water was just above freezing (ice was floating about), using the Nikon Coolpix AW110 (Nemo). The photo was taken at our swimming cove, coordinates 41°27'8.99"N, 71°24'0.99"W at 3:33 p.m. CaST. The camera was resting on the bottom, about 4" below the surface. I had to submerge my hands. Which is why I only took one underwater photo today. Air temperature was in the low forties Fahrenheit, with a strong wind. Narragansett Bay's surface temperatures were in the low forties Fahrenheit. The photograph behind the cut. The only signs of life in the pools were Irish moss (plus some green algae) and blue mussels.

The photo is begin the cut:

Photography Copyright © 2014 by Caitlín R. Kiernan

I was horrified to discover this was our first trip to Beavertail since June 26th.
Tags: 2013, beavertail, cold, nemo, photos, the sea

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