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"I dream a highway back to you."

A hurried bony finger of an entry. A fraying thread, telegraphic.

Yesterday, I wrote 1,005 words on Chapter 5 of Cherry Bomb. I guess that means, the way things have been, that yesterday was a pretty good writing day. Oh, and if you're someone with any sort of respect for the English language and have a sudden need to cause yourself severe pain, just spend a couple of hours pouring over the Urban Dictionary. I did.

Here is today's stale Hell photo, which, of course, was yesterday stale Hell:

Actually, yesterday was special; we got two flavors of Hell:

The Hell was fluid. Literally.

And that's all I have for you today.


All my Valentines who ever were, all of you are in my head today. I know the colors of your eyes.

A Knife Into My Bed,
Aunt Beast
Tags: cherry bomb, elizabeth, february, jada, language in the hands of idiots, rain, slang, snow, spooky, stale hell
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