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"Now eyes burn circles in the dark..."

Well, here we are in the snow again, but so is most of the Eastern Seaboard, so at last I don't feel all alone. We have some huge flakes coming down, and new inches atop the old ice/snow/ice lasagna.

Today's stale Hell photo, below, which is actually yesterday's stale Hell. Today's is very different, but you can't see it until tomorrow.

Yeah, that almost looks like a Rhode Island summer day. And, frankly, it's sort of hard not to take this bullshit weather personally. Every time I begin to feel I have my bearings, and that maybe my feet are under me, there's another snow.

Yesterday, I wrote a paltry 204 words – two paragraphs – on Chapter Five. At this rate, I'll finish the novel sometime late in 2015. Seriously. We have reached Stage I Am So Fucking Fucked. I never even want to look at this manuscript again. I've lost the entire goddamn winter.

Good RP in The Secret World last night.


Fuck It,
Aunt Beast
Tags: 2015, cherry bomb, fuck, not writing, rping, snow, stale hell, the secret world, winter

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