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"And the winter's so long. And all the stars were crashing round..."

First, please have a look at Spooky's splendid new Alabaster: Pale Horse pendants. Each is one of a kind, made from the actual page proofs for the forthcoming collection. They're going fast! All proceeds go to replace my broke-ass iPod. Thank you. Oh, and here's a link for the book (Dark Horse, February 25th), if you'd like to preorder.

Here in Providence, it's 27˚F (feels like 29˚F), but sunny. The sky is that wide carnivorous blue. But the good news is that it looks as if the additional snow we were expecting this weekend had been taken out of the forecast. So, maybe all this shit on the ground can have a chance to melt and evaporate and just go the fuck away.

Yesterday was my best writing day on Cherry Bomb since December 5th, when I finished Chapter Four – the first time. I wrote 1,006 words.

And here's what Kirkus has to say about Pink Delicious:

Another wisecracking supernatural horror yarn (Blood Oranges, 2013) expressed in what used to be known as splatterpunk mode.

Tierney brings new or forgetful readers up to date with a memorably pithy page-and-a-half recap. The ballsy, profane, in-your-face narrator is Siobhan Quinn—don’t, whatever you do, call her Siobhan—ex-heroin addict, now both vampire and werewolf. Her employer, the devious human she calls Mean Mr. B, has been hired to locate the missing daughter of a prominent local necromancer. Unfortunately, Mr. B’s investigator, Shaker Lashly, has also gone missing and soon turns up with bullet holes. Quinn’s job, then, is to find out what happened to Lashly and locate the missing girl. Naturally, the case turns out to involve something else altogether, namely, a MacGuffin that’s actually a transcendentally powerful and valuable dildo. No, that’s not a misprint. Three demonic entities desire to possess the item: the infernal brothel-keeper Drusneth, the succubus Yeksabet Harpootlian, and Magdalena Szabó, a demoness from an alternate world who may or may not even exist—all of whom will stop at nothing to acquire it. Not only must Quinn survive the attentions of these three formidable females, but also the determined assaults of defrocked priest Father Burt Rizzo, whose self-appointed mission is to rid New Providence of its supernatural badasses.

Another defiantly over-the-top yarn that breaks every rule in the book, mostly with advance warning, and succeeds by being even more flagrantly disgraceful than its predecessor.

If I had a band, I would change its name to Transcendental Dildo. Also, "even more flagrantly disgraceful" made me smile.

Also also, I'm pleased by this: Rainbow Google doodle links to Olympic charter as Sochi kicks off.

Last night was RP in The Secret World. I'm RPing quite a bit less, because...well, many reasons. But there was a short scene last night I enjoyed. Tonight, Kid Night. And the Olympics opening ceremony.

Time for Red Bull,
Aunt Beast
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