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"How can people not know what beauty this is?"

I'm not sure how much snow we got, maybe five inches. But nowhere near what was forecast, thank fuck. I'm sick of snow and back again. In five years, I've seen enough snow for two lifetimes. Currently, it's 12˚F, with a windchill of -7˚F. Fuck. Oh, but it's sunny.

Yesterday I worked on corrections to Chapter Four of Cherry Bomb, which is an extremely nice way of saying I didn't actually, really, and fucking truly work. I did get news from my editor that I can go to 100k words.

Right about 2 a.m. we went out into the snowy night. It was too cold to be out more than five or ten minutes. We snapped a few photographs, which you can see behind the cut. I'm really not happy with this new camera. Sure, you can drop it, and it takes photos underwater, and what the fuck ever, but it doesn't capture the warm orange glow of a snowy night. Or maybe it does, but I'd need a degree in computer science to figure out how to tell it to do that, and then I'd need tiny little insect digits to program it:

2:07 a.m.


2:09 a.m.

2:10 a.m.

All photographs Copyright © 2014 Caitlín R. Kiernan

Aunt Beast
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