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And you realize, she's alone.

The sun is back today, and so is the cold.

Happy Turkey Day. If you count from the Lincoln Proclamation of November 1863, this is the 150th American Thanksgiving Day. That's a lotta dead birds. Tasty dead birds.

Yesterday was mostly about getting more books out of my office. I chose one hundred or so volumes that will go to used bookstores, eBay, library, or thrift stores. I've probably pulled about two hundred from the office so far, which means I'm probably about halfway done. Two of the bookcases I'm clearing will go to the larger of our two storage units, to get stock out of boxes, off the floor, and up onto shelves, which can be covered with plastic sheeting. I made the mistake, day before yesterday, of doing the math, as relates to the cost of our storage units. Since 2008, when we moved from Atlanta to Rhode Island, we've paid out ~$7,000. Which takes a considerable chunk out of the profits we make selling the books in storage.

I also worked more with the first few paragraphs of The Dinosaurs of Mars, and I realized I have to ditch a character. The woman driving across the desert in the first scene should be alone.

The best of yesterday was our pre-Turkey Day dinner of Turkey Day pizza. We'd put in our orders several days before, and not long after dark we drove across the river to Wickenden Street, through the rain and through the gloom, for that bizarrely delicious dish:


Spooky pays the lady in the turkey hat. Yeah, that's pretty fucked up.

This dude was patiently waiting outside.

Back home, the marvel is unveiled. No cheese. No red sauce. Just turkey, mashed potatoes & stuffing and, of course, gravy, on whole-wheat crust. It might sound disgusting. It might even look disgusting. But it's anything but.

The aftermath. Another 365 days until the next one.

All photographs Copyright © 2013 by Caitlín R. Kiernan and Kathryn A. Pollnac

Today Kathryn will be cooking a more traditional Turkey Day feast, and I'll be tossing out more books I'll never read, consult, or even look at ever again.

Yesterday, for reasons that now escape me, I started a Facebook "community," I Fucking Love Paleontology. We have 179 181 likes so far. Whee.

Today's little Google cartoon thingy is embarrassingly adorable.

My Doubts About It,
Aunt Beast
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