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Oddly warm today. Presently 62˚F, but with pouring, wind-driven rain, so it's not as if we can enjoy the oddly warm weather. And tomorrow the cold is returning, with temperatures in the thirties.

Yesterday was not quite as dispiriting as the day before. I'm fighting mold. I am become the Mold Warrior. And yesterday it was the Mold Warrior's job to go through a big box of old magazines and newspapers and newspaper clipping (interviews and reviews, mostly), seeking the dread Fungi from Pawtucket. I know that Pawtucket doesn't have the same ring as Yuggoth. I can't help that. The worst damaged was divided from the least damaged. Nothing was thrown out, just sealed in polyethylene bags. Lysol, blah, blah, blah. Judgement Day for paper.

The worst of it wasn't the clippings and magazines. The worst of it was one of the boxes of my paleontology files (fortunately, only one was affected), containing early drafts of published papers, unpublished research, photographs and negatives, and field notes. Also, a sheaf of drawings I made when I was studying cranial kinesis in mosasaurs (mesokinesis, metakinesis, and streptostyly), sketches of basicrania and dermal skull bones and quadrates. The originals can't be salvaged, though they can be photocopied. And the negatives can, I think, be used to make new prints. I'll write more on this later. I sat in the front hallway in latex gloves and a dust mask, trying not to let it all get to me. Ultimately, I'm somehow to blame here.

Late in the day, I wrote a few hundred words, looking for the beginning of The Dinosaurs of Mars, "Nevada (June 2013)." Today, I'll getting back to the task of jettisoning books that I'm getting rid of so that my office will actually be a functional office I don't hate being in. Normal writing will resume by this weekend, at the latest. Other people have taken days off for Hanukkah and Thanksgiving; I've taken time off to deal with clutter (and mold, though that wasn't part of the original plan).

Tonight, we get Fellini's once-a-year, incredibly delicious Thanksgiving pizza (turkey, mashed potatoes & stuffing and, of course, gravy, on whole-wheat crust, with a side of cranberry sauce). Tomorrow, we're cooking a more traditional Thanksgiving meal.

Yesterday, the ARCs for Pink Delicious arrived! This one copy will be auctioned next week on eBay. One lucky person may read the novel three or four months before anyone else:

And, really, that's about it for now. I something. It will not involve mold.

From a Rainy Place,
Aunt Beast
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