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keep your laws off my eyeballs

Addendum: It's done. Come Monday, I'll pack up Murder of Angels and away it will go to NYC, and good riddance. I couldn't have endured another day of proofreading. But I am pleased with this novel. I'm not sure anyone else will be, but I am. And in that fantasy world where writers pretend that it's all about Art, instead of sales figures and advances and bills and so forth, that's all that matters. For the remainder of this afternoon I will live there, and accept willingly the conceit that what I want to write is more important than what a "wider audience" would like to read.

There's one small bit of editing to be done, which I shall explain tomorrow.

I didn't get to the contact lens rant this morning. I'm too tired for it now. Suffice to say, it's time for me to buy another pair of black contacts for Nar'eth, and Spooky has to get a pair as well. Yesterday, we tried to order two pairs from LensQuest, the company I've always ordered from before, and we were informed that they are now required by the FDA to obtain a verifiable prescription for every pair sold, even for non-prescription SFX lenses. This because some idiot somewhere whined about an eye infection, or some mother got up in arms because her Manson baby slept with his one white contact in and stinking his eye rotted out, or some such foolishness. So, now we both have to go to the added expense and bother of having our eyes measured for contacts. I think we're just going to go ahead and spring for prescription black contacts. At least it means we won't be blind at Dragon*Con this year. But I'm still pissed about the whole FDA thing. It's my goddamn, traitorous body. If I want to risk ruining what's left of it, in ways that ruins no one else's body, that's my business.


But wait. I can't be in an angry, growly mood. I finished the proofreading. I like the book. And it's Kid Night. Oh, I'm so damned conflicted!

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