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"Le miroir casse."

A week or so ago I resolved to take a walk every day before I started working. Thing is, it's fucking cold out there. Currently, it's 43˚F, but feels like 35˚F. Yeah, that motivates me to take long, leisurely strolls about the neighborhood.

Yesterday I wrote 1,592+ words on Cherry Bomb. I passed the halfway mark. The manuscript now stands at 35,121 words.

Blood Oranges has been nominated for the Romantic Times Award in the category of Urban Fantasy Novel (they have a baffling number of award categories), I have absolutely no idea whatsoever how I feel about this, though I know exactly how Quinn would react. I wouldn't have known about this had my agent not told me yesterday.

I should be able to announce the artist for the next Alabaster miniseries very soon. Yesterday, I saw sketches of Dancy and Bird, and I was very pleased. Now waiting on Maisie sketches.

Tomorrow is the twelfth anniversary of my blog.

Last night, for kid night, we began watching Season Seven of Doctor Who. We made it through "The Power of Three." I can't say that I love Matt Smith. He never grew on me. And the most recent episodes are horribly frenetic and devoid of much in the way of characterization. I know that a lot of people, including creators involved with the show, have been angry about how the episodes are being edited. I do very much hope that the 12th Doctor's companion comes without a Rory Williams or Mickey Smith attached.

How the fuck did I just spend forty-five minutes on this entry?

Aunt Beast
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