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"The smile is red, and its eyes are black."

Cold here. Currently, it's 36˚F in Providence, though the temperature feels like 26˚F. Sunny.

I've been up since ten. Last night, I was fairly certain I was near to dying from the effects of insomnia. I spent the evening in bed, watching Anthony Bourdain. And that was after sitting here all day trying to write, but getting nothing at all, nothing whatsoever, done. I bounced back and forth between the mss. of Cherry Bomb and The Dinosaurs of Mars, hoping I'd click with one or the other. I had all the physical energy of a wet rag, and my brain was an overcooked stalk of asparagus. Last night, though, I took the drugs I needed to take, the Good Worker Bee drugs, and I slept eight+ hours. I can think again. Sitting up doesn't make me sweat profusely. I can talk. Amazing.

I'm listening to the latest NIN album, Hesitation Marks. Before I bought it, I was the recipient of much hype regarding this album. "The best NIN since The Downward Spiral!" someone told me with great enthusiasm. I bought the album. I started listening. I didn't dislike it, but I also didn't hear what other people seem to hear. Then I found myself in the throes of a three-week Neko Case binge. This morning I began listening to Hesitation Marks again, and, truthfully, I'm not impressed. The lyrics are good. I think there might be some good songs on this album, but I can't get past the flat keyboards, the way every song is built on a foundation of what sounds like droning Casio pre-set rhythms. So, yeah. I wish I liked it more, but I don't. I will say that I do like the title.



Alabaster: Boxcar Tales (which originally appeared in Dark Horse Presents) is being collected into a hardback under the title Alabaster: Grimmer Tales. The release date is April 23rd.

People are asking why the title's been changed. It's simple. The original title was actually Alabaster: Grimmer Tales. Now, back in 2012, when the series was being planned, I thought the second Siobhan Quinn novel would be Fay Grimmer. And I began to worry the two similar titles would create confusion. So, I changed it. But then I yanked Fay Grimmer, and a couple of months ago I asked that the collected be called Alabaster: Grimmer Tales, which it had always remained in my mind.

Also, I'm not sure if I've mentioned that Dark Horse is releasing the Alabaster short-story collection, originally published in 2006 by Subterranean Press and long out of print, on February 25th. The collection has been retitled Alabaster: Pale Horse (my decision), and it includes some material not in the original book, along with a new edit of "Bainbridge" (a story I was never happy with). Also, a cover by Greg Ruth. Most of Ted Naifeh's original artwork is also included. So, that's three Alabaster releases in 2014.



A lot of people seem to have enjoyed "Pickman's Madonna" in Sirenia Digest, and I'm pleased. It was a "fun" piece to write.

And I should probably scoot. I'm years and years behind, it seems. I can see my own ass from here.

Aunt Beast
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