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"Manchester of the South"

I ought be in bed. But I needed to find a photograph of the Carriage House in Athens, Georgia, where I lived from April 24th, 1994 until August 9, 1997. There was brief panic when I began to near the bottom of my gigantic box of photographs and none had been found. Lots of interiors, but no good exteriors. A couple snapped after a freak snowfall, but they weren't all that great.

Finally, near the very bottom, I found what I was looking for.

It was very important, that move. I left Birmingham at twenty-nine, a month before I turned thirty, and I left a chapter of my life behind me. Athens changed everything, and, too, everything changed while I was in Athens.

It was a good place. The Carriage House. Athens. It was an easy place to live, Athens in the mid-1990s, and it's easy to be nostalgic about Athens. It's easy to gloss over the bad days and nights – and they were many – and remember the rest.

I should go to bed, and I should try to sleep.

Aunt Beast
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