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"I wanted to love you like my mother's mother's mothers did."

There's talk of snow today.

Yesterday, I wrote 1,106 words on the third chapter of Cherry Bomb. The book's in a strange place.

Also, my copies of The Ape's Wife and Other Stories and Black Helicopters arrived. They're both beautiful books. So, my thanks to Subterranean Press, Vince Locke (interior art, Black Helicopters cover), Vincent Chong (Ape's Wife cover), and Spooky (author's photo). And thanks to everyone whose bought the collection.


We have made an ugly world, all of us together.


Last night we watched this week's episode of The Walking Dead (and I really hope next week's the episode when Daryl murders Rick). And I watched the first half of Peter Jackson's The Two Towers (2002), started reading the latest JVP memoir (12), "Basal sauropodomorphs and the vertebrate fossil record of the Ischigualasto Formation (Late Triassic: Carnian-Norian) of Argentina." Before I fell asleep, I watched William Dieterle's Dark City (1950), and that was yesterday, more or less. Probably less.

Quickly at a Snail's Pace,
Aunt Beast
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