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"When I was a child, I had a fever." (5 Vicodin)

A cold day, and the blue sky has picturesque skies, and the wind is blowing. Tonight's the annual iron pour at the Steel Yard. We're looking forward to the fire, but not the chill.

Yesterday, I wrote 1,432 words and finished the second chapter of Cherry Bomb. I have five chapters and less than fifty thousand words to go.

Also yesterday, the post brought me my contributor's copies of the Once Upon a Time anthology, which includes my story "The Road of Needles," which, by the way, was the basis for the second of the segments that makes up Alabaster: Boxcar Tales. The "Dancy in space" part. No, "The Road of Needles" is not a Dancy Flammarion story. Alsom it's not to be confused with "The Road of Pins," a story I wrote more than a decade ago.

I was born with a tail and a caul, both. Cauls occur in fewer than 1 in 80,000 human births. I don't know the incidence of "soft tails," but they must surely be extremely rare. What I'd love to know is what the odds were of my having been born with both.

Last was Halloween Kindernacht, and we watched Tim Burton films. First, we watched Vincent (1982), and then The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993), which, by the way, is having its twentieth anniversary this autumn. So, last night was only four days shy of the films 1993 release date, which means only four days shy of twenty years having passed since I first saw it, as I saw it the day it was released. I was living alone in Birmingham, in the apartment on 16th Avenue, and I'd just started selling short fiction. But...I digress. We finished up with Sleepy Hollow (1999), one of the first films Kathryn and I saw together. Afterwards, we began the Halloween quest in The Secret World, but only got partway through it. I did a short RP scene with stsisyphus. Got to bed about three, and got to sleep about four.

It's very bright out there.

Aunt Beast
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