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LiveJournal Entry #3,916

So, I'm beginning to see people use the acronym LARP (live-action role-play) to refer to their online RP...which, by definition, is not and cannot be live action. LARP involves actual people, face to face, in the actual, not virtual, world. However, I do think I know why this is happening. An annoying number of role-players are beginning to proclaim that what they're doing is collaborative writing. They have a few other phrases for it, most involving some permutation of the word "collaboration." I have begun to get a sense that this is an effort to elevate what they're doing above "mere" RP. And, you know, everybody wants to be a writer. But, all the same, know, I just realized I've wasted breath on this problem before. Not the misuse of the LARP acronym. That one's new. Never mind. People do stupid shit. I do think this appropriation of LARP does LARPers a disservice, though, as LARP is, generally and quite obviously, a more time consuming and difficult undertaking than online RP.

Perhaps what I should say is that this broadening of the definition of RP objectionable.

A rainy, ugly autumn day. The temperature dropped, as predicted.

Yesterday, I wrote 1,546 words on Cherry Bomb.

My tiresome tallying.

This afternoon we're heading down to South County to spend a couple of nights at the farm. Spooky's parents are in Germany. Her dad's doing something anthropological over there. And I just need to be elsewhere than here. Have some trees around me. But I'll have the iPad with me, because apparently the world will end if I go a few days without checking my email. Somehow, I went thirty years without ever checking my email....

Actually, Kathryn and I just decided that the weather is so cold, wet, and shitty that we're waiting until Sunday to go down. So, ignore the above paragraph.

Later Taters,
Aunt Beast
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