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"The words of the prophets are written on the subway walls and tenement walls."

I believe this day is what people mean when they speak of "crisp autumn days." It's sunny, and the temperature is 65˚F, humidity 58%, and an intermittent breeze. It's a day I can live with. But there's rain coming, and tomorrow will be twenty degrees of so cooler (our forecast high for today is 71˚F).

Not so easy to live with.

Yesterday, I wrote 1,024 words on Cherry Bomb. Not as good as Sunday, but I find it a wonder that I wrote at all yesterday, given how little sleep I got the night before. Last night, I slept a full seven hours, about as good as it ever gets for me.

I have watched the world of publishing change so much in the last twenty years. And like everything in our accelerated age, the rate of change is accelerating. I loathe this, but I'm having to try and adapt. This morning, I was contacted by an editorial assistant at Penguin about the Pink Delicious page proofs. Now, as recently as The Drowning Girl: A Memoir I'd have received an actual physical paper copy of the "typeset" pages, which I would read and mark errors. This stage is important, as it allows me to see if the stets and everything else I wrote on the CEM have actually been heeded. But this time I got an electronic copy. And I have to try and read it on the iPad, unless I want to print the thing. I don't, and I won't. I can't afford it. Too much ink and too much paper. So, as with so many of these changes, the publisher saves money, but if I want to stick to the ways I've always done things, I lose money. As it stands, if there are pages I need changes made to, I have to print them and send them back to NYC.

I hate to think how everything will be by the time Cherry Bomb is ready for publication, much less the next novel after it, tentatively titled Beneath the Wide Carnivorous Sky (I may reveal something about this book later. It occurred to me on the train to New Orleans back in June).

Yeah, okay. Enough of this.

Onward, If Not Upward,
Aunt Beast
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