greygirlbeast (greygirlbeast) wrote,

"...innocent unknowing. Winter's end."

Wind in time
Rapes the flower trembling on the vine.
Nothing yields to shelter it from above.
~ Sarah McLachlan

Yesterday, I had a better than average writing day, and did 1,305 words on the second chapter of Cherry Bomb.

Thank you for the comments to yesterday's entry. Today it's sunny, and the sky is wide and carnivorous. Only 64˚F here in Providence. The tree outside my window remains, mercifully, stubbornly, green.

Last time I'll be announcing this here: On Wednesday night I'll be reading at KGB Bar in Manhattan, with Michael Cisco. So, we're getting ready to leave. We're heading out tomorrow, staying over one night at the Jane (a sort of nano-holiday), then heading back on Thursday afternoon. I just could not bear the usual zipping down and zipping back the same night, which I've done twice before for readings.

We have finished Season One of Twin Peaks and proceeded to Season Two.

Last night, we colored my hair. Whee.

Yeah, still grey.

Aunt Beast
Tags: autumn, cherry bomb, kgb, michael cisco, nyc, sarah mclachlan, twin peaks
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