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time marches on

Small mercies. Yesterday, after lunch, after a lot of caffeine and a glass of absinthe, I sat back down at the iBook and started typing. Call it writing, if you will. At the time, I didn't want to be so bold. Expectation can be my worst enemy. Just typing. And within half an hour, the momentum had returned, and the words were pouring from me faster than I could type (literally), tumbling over one another, jostling one another for subject and predicate and so forth. When all was said and done, in only a little more than two hours, I'd written 2,147 words, not quite my daily record, but surely the most I've ever written in two short frelling hours. Floodgates. Effluvia. So, there is now another completed vignette for Frog Toes and Tentacles, one that does not as yet have a title (and some of these may be published sans titles), but may later on. That I may do half so well today.

I am relieved.

Today, I'll try to do another vingette, but on Monday, at the latest, it's back to work on Daughter of Hounds.

We had tuna sandwiches for dinner, and then I played about an hour's worth of Star Wars: Republic Commando on the XBox. I have a general disdain for the Star Wars games, as they tend to be clunky, obtuse, and dull, lately hampered with half-assed RPG elements (yes, I hated Knights of the Old Republic). But Republic Commando is a little more playable, I discovered, a lot less tedious, basically a first-person point and shoot, which was all I was in the mood for yesterday evening. Of course, the whole game is centered on your ability to bark commands at other members of your squad, so this will get old fast. Sadly, I'm too anti-social for even pretend teamwork, and I am surely so when the other characters are faceless clones. I mean, sure, their armour is coloured differently, but Jesus, I don't care if one's into explosives and another's a sniper and so on and on, they are all four the same damned person. We call this uninspired, or unimaginative. Take your pick. Afterwards, Spooky and I watched two more eps of Deadwood, and when we were done, we were so impatient for more than, though it was eleven o'clock, we drove over to Videodrome and rented the disc with eps. 5-7. This series is so very good. It's so rare these days that I become utterly engrossed in fiction. So, anyway, I finally crawled off to bed about 3:30, after five straight hours of Deadwood. I don't get anymore until Saturday.

I think I slept about four hours.

That's it for today. More later. I go to the word place. Please have a look at our eBay auctions. There's another copy of the hb of Low Red Moon up now. Thanks.

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