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Something Quick

Gotta be quick cause I gotta go to the bank before I can come back and start writing. I'd almost rather go to the doctor than go to the bank.

Yesterday, I began the second chapter of Cherry Bomb, and I wrote 1,009 words. Whee.

Learned yesterday that someone very cool will be narrating Blood Oranges for the edition. But I cannot yet say who she is. I will say we met at World Horror in New Orleans.

I found several nude self portraits I'd forgotten I took (back in 2004).

Last night, movie binge. First, Morgan O'Neill's painfully by-the-numbers serial-killer thriller The Factory (2012). It's one of those John Cusack films that make you want to cry, because...poor John Cusack. But then we watched Abel Ferrara's King of New York (1990), which, somehow, I'd never seen. Marvelous. Brilliant. And, finally, I fell asleep watching a comfort film, Rudolph Maté's When World's Collide (1951).

And I slept. I slept over seven hours without a "sleep aid."

That was yesterday. Today I leave the House for the first time since last Friday (I hadn't even realized it had been that long).
Tags: audiobooks, bad movies, blood oranges, cherry bomb, christopher walken, good movies, john cusack, nude photo, outside, shut in, sleep

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