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Et j'ai alimentera le feu.

And finally I did sleep. Sometime after four ayem, four thirty. Not entirely sure. I awoke around five, then slept until ten ayem. Then lay in the bed, my blood and mind still sluggish with Sonata. I was thinking, "I'll just fucking get up," when suddenly it was almost noon. I am left with the assumption that I slept another hour and a half. Which means I might, cumulatively, have slept as much as seven and a half hours. Enough that the sleeping pills let me go, enough that I feel rested.

Autumn out there. But sun.

We'll not talk about yesterday's sorry excuse for work.

Last night, we finished Season One of Hannibal. Brilliant. And Mads Mikkelsen is all kinds of sexy. Then I had RP in The Secret World. Then we watched a forgettable horror film, The Chernobyl Diaries (2012). The name held potential, but it quickly, unfortunately, disintegrates into a run-of-the-mill affair crowded with too much of everything. Then we watched the first episode of Twin Peaks (having watched the pilot Sunday night); it's was Spooky's idea to work our way through the series again. "One day my log will have something to say about this. My log saw something that night." Indeed.

And now, I'm running late. A provocative turn of phrase.

Aunt Beast
Tags: david lynch, hannibal, insomnia, sleep, the secret world, twin peaks

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