greygirlbeast (greygirlbeast) wrote,

"J'ai se figeront dans le soleil, jusqu'à ce que sa lumière ne pas aveugle moi."

At least the sun's out. Even if it's only 65˚F. Even if the trees are turning. Blegh.

Yesterday was a violent and blustery day of clouds.

Yesterday was spent reading back over and editing what currently exists of Cherry Bomb, eliminating continuity errors between it and Pink Delicious. By the way, if you've an interest in such trivia, Pink Delicious takes place six months after the events of Blood Oranges. And Cherry Bomb jumps ahead to ~2017. Quinn is sixteen years old when she dies at the beginning of Blood Oranges, and she's twenty-one at the beginning of Cherry Bomb. She was twelve when she ran away from home. She'll be twenty-two at the end of Cherry Bomb, at THE END of the "Siobhan Quinn novels." Cherry Bomb is actually the transcription of a series of old cassette tapes.

So, there.

Yesterday, the CEM for Pink Delicious went back to Penguin (and they should have it by now), and I signed off on the inks for the final installment of Alabaster: Boxcar Tales. Also, Spooky's parents visited. Also, the hard drive on her six-year old laptop decided to go belly-up. So...we're having to replace the whole machine, as it makes more sense than buying a new HD for an ailing, geriatric machine. Planned obsolescence. It's the American way.

I was marveling this morning how my Mac Color Classic, the first computer I bought (in July 1993), had a maximum memory of 4 MB, expandable to 10 MB. And I expanded it myself. I wrote Silk and Threshold on that machine. Presently, the file that contains all my writing, here on my 8 GB iMac – twenty years after I bought my Color Classic – that one file is 2.45 GB!

Last night, we had the third night of Spooky's infamous "three-legged chicken stoup." The addition of northern beans and a can of tomatoes stretched it quite well. Then I had some RP in The Secret World (I have my laptop back), and then we watched Hannibal, with which I am deeply, deeply in love. It was wonderful that we got Ellen Muth playing a character (who thinks she's dead) name Georgia!

Here are the three more-or-less finished Albert Perrault paintings (behind the cut), as rendered by the incredible Matthew Jaffe. They will be appearing in the Centipede Press edition of The Drowning Girl: A Memoir. Note that Perrault's style changes significantly between an earlier work, Fecunda ratis, which is more naturalistic symbolism and his final painting, Last Drink Bird Head, which is impressionist symbolism. As his sanity slipped, his style became more raw, more immediate:

Fecunda ratis; the strip of rice paper, for those who do not recall, reads "Nobody's ever coming for you."

Night in the Forest

Last Drink Bird Head

Copyright © Matthew Jaffee 2013

I've Never Been Good With Change,
Aunt Beast
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