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"Those fallen leaves lie undisturbed now."

The headache was gone when I woke yesterday morning, and it has not returned. Yesterday, we made it through Chapter Seven and the epilogue of Pink Delicious, and all I have remaining is to look over the CE's notes on "The Maltese Unicorn" (which appears in the novel; you'll see). I don't dislike the novel nearly as much as I was afraid I would. And I think it's a better lead in to Cherry Bomb than I expected it would be.

It'll be easier to write Cherry Bomb now, having just read Pink Delicious.

I got sketches from Vince Locke for "Study for 'The Witch House'", three of them which mean I hard to choose, though all three were fabulous. And Matthew Jaffee sent me the final versions of all three Perrualt paintings for the Centipede Press edition of The Drowning Girl: A Memoir: Fecunda ratis, Night in the Forest, and Last Drink Bird Head. All are brilliant, but Fecunda ratis is still my favorite. I'd feared the addition of the "red tunic" to the figure would spoil the composition, but I was entirely wrong. I'll post these tomorrow.

Last night, too much good RP in The Secret World, then too much Guild Wars 2. Too much gaming....

We haven't seen the sun in three days, though it's hardly raining.

Too Much,
Aunt Beast
Tags: "study for the witch house", albert perrault, cherry bomb, copyeditors, last drink bird head, matthew jaffe, pink delicious, proofreading, red delicious, the drowning girl, the maltese unicorn, vince locke

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