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"I've thrown away those graces."

I'm almost certain that the three-day headache has finally gone.

Despite it, we've been making our way through the Pink Delicious CEM. On Wednesday, when I realized I wouldn't be able to finish the first chapter of Cherry Bomb before turning to the chore of proofing, we read through Chapter One of Pink Delicious. On Thursday, we did chapters Two, Three, and Four. Yesterday we did chapters Five and Six. But we didn't finish, as Chapter Seven is very long, and there's the epilogue after it. Now, some authors will race through a CEM in a single day. Hell, an afternoon. But a) I have to read it aloud to catch as many problems as possible and b) having only the one functional eye, I'm a slow reader. So, this sort of thing takes time.

I sat here and missed the warm weather of Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. It turned cold and rainy yesterday, and it's still cold and rainy today.

It's hard to make interesting entries from days of headache and proofreading.

On Wednesday night we finally saw the end of Breaking Bad. The last episode, "Felina," was surely one of the most impressive and poignant fifty-five minutes of television ever filmed. Thursday night, we finished Season Two of Homeland. The last episode of the season, "The Choice," was very, very good, but having just finished Breaking Bad, the episodes emotional impact was undoubtedly dulled for us. "Felina" was a tough act to follow. Thursday night we also began watching the first season of Hannibal I'd been leery of the series, despite the fact that its creator is Bryan Fuller, who I consider one of the most brilliant minds in television. I simply couldn't begin to imagine accomplishing what the series would need to accomplish within the constraints of network television. I was wrong. We watched seven episodes Thursday night in one great binge. The first thing that struck me was the cinematography, the set design, the color palette. Kathryn and I both thought of Twin Peaks, and then she found this quote from an interview with Fuller: "What would David Lynch do with a Hannibal Lecter character?... I'm a great admirer of his work and his aesthetic and his meticulous sound design. Those were all components that I felt very strongly needed to be part of our Hannibal Lecter story. Between Lynch and Kubrick, there's a lot of inspiration." And yeah, the Kubrick feel, that's definitely there as well. I was very pleased to learn the series has been renewed for a second season. Also, a goddamn great foodie show.

Also, saw a very good Steven Soderbergh thriller last night, Side Effects (2013), with a cast that includes Rooney Mara and Jude Law and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

So, yeah. Proofreading and television.

Oh. I have begun the Great Book Purge. Thus far, ~100 volumes have been removed from my office. Hardly the scratching of the surface.

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