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"She's gotta be strong to fight them, so she's taking lots of vitamins."

I've had this all-but-blinding headache since sometime yesterday. And hey copyeditor who copyedited Pink Delicious! Yeah, you. That was a COMPOUND ADJECTIVE and the words that comprise a COMPOUND ADJECTIVE are separated one from the other with HYPHENS. Do these people even go to college? High school?

It's warm and springlike here in Providence. Last night, the temperature in the middle parlor reached 80˚F. I shouldn't be inside. I am inside.


Yesterday was an utter cockup (not "mockup," Mr. Autocorrect, so fuck you). I've been trying the get at least one chapter on Cherry Bomb written. So, I'd been putting off work on the CEM of Pink Delicious (as well as editing crap on the last 13th of Alabaster: Boxcar Tales). Yesterday, the managing editor at Penguin says they have to have the CEM today. I say I can't do that. Wrangling ensues. As it stands, the book might be pushed forward to March, to give me more time on the CEM (which did not get back to NYC today, obviously). I took the "Do you want it right? Or do you want it now?" approach. But, we'll see. As it stands, I'm told they have to have the CEM by Tuesday, which means I have to get it to UPS by Monday evening. I made it through Chapter One ("A Ghost of Myself") yesterday before the headache shut me down. Oh, and I also dealt with the Alabaster stuff. I will have more to say on that soon.

The whole thing with the copyeditor aside, the CEM still needs a lot of work – because I sent in a rather messy, unproofed ms. (a first for me). Which is how I will spend today. And tomorrow. And then, hopefully, on Saturday I can get back to the first chapter of Cherry Bomb.


Thanks to everyone who helped out with the homophobic review of The Red Tree yesterday. It doesn't look like Amazon intends to take the offensive review by "SLR" down. But at least voices have been heard. But, you know what? I got off easy. Here's what they wrote about Neil's The Ocean at the End of the Lane (WARNING: "review" contains spoilers, on purpose):

Hateful and disgusting, June 24, 2013
How this perverse individual received any awards, accolades or more than zero stars is beyond my comprehension. I won't worry about ruining the story because no one should read anything this sick person has written. Children who watch their father servicing the maid from the rear, watching the maid in bed nude, the father trying to drown his son in the tub, dinosauer birds ripping the child's heart out, a house full of witchlike women who don't need men to, no one needs to read this sickos thoughts. It's like wandering around in the head of a psych or serial killer. Waste of money and time. Never again with this horrible wanna be writer. Can't even donate this book to the library for fear a child will get it out of curiosity due to the title. Dumpster bound....because it is garbage!!!

No, really. I always knew Neil was evil. Shame on him. Oh, turns out "SLR" is some sort of fluffy-bunny (compound adjective) neopagan Wiccan quasi-Xtian sort ("Jesus in a dress"). Which explains a lot. Proportionately, there are at least as many illiterate anti-intellectual homophobes and prudes in Wicca as there are in Xtianity.


Last night we finally saw the end of Breaking Bad. The last episode was one of the most brilliantly paced and poignant episodes of any television series ever. Wow.

Off to Corrupt the Youth of America,
Aunt Beast
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