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"You have to pay, kid, for what you get."


I have a bold plan. Currently, there are eleven bookcases in my office. They contain fuck only knows how many books. Long ago I realized that I'll likely never even open half of those books again, much less read them. They're simply sitting there, taking up space that I need to make this room more functional. They're not books I still have because I love those books. They're books I still have because I hoard books. So, I'm "discarding" (to use library vernacular) a very large number of books, in hopes that, by getting rid of everything but those I most love, read repeatedly, or find indispensable references, I can bring the number of bookcases in the office down to five. The discarded books will go to used bookstores (a very small number of them), eBay (a minuscule number), libraries (to sell), and thrift stores (probably that's where most will go). It is actually rather difficult to get rid of a large number of books. But I am resolved. I need the space. I love books. I love books as books. And this is in no way an argument for the utility of ebooks. It's a purely personal decision. I'd rather have the space than the books. I need to be able to move about in this room. Oh...and the stacks of books on the floor. Those have to go, as well.

I know many bibliophiles will recoil in horror at this plan. But there is no way on earth I need ~2,000 books looming around me. ~500, that's reasonable.


Yesterday, I wrote 1,607 words on the first chapter of Cherry Bomb. It's going well.


With taxes looming and checks not coming in precisely when I hoped they would (this is publishing), Spooky and I are cranking up eBay and Etsy. Spooky's listing stuff now, and there are going to be some special items over the next couple of weeks. So, have a look here (eBay) and here (Etsy), and I'll talk about some particular auctions later. Thank you. Oh, and there are only two of the "7" Drowning Girl mustard-seed pendants remaining (which is to say that five have sold). If you want one, time's almost up!

Last night, we got Mama Kim's takeout and watched Bringing Up Baby (1938).


Yesterday in seventeen photos:

All photographs Copyright © 2013 by Caitlín R. Kiernan

In Bits and Pieces,
Aunt Beast
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