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"The engines power down..."

Four hours sleep. But at least it comes on the heels of four consecutive nights of very good sleep. I've been up since 8:30 ayem, awake since 8:00 (went to sleep about 4 ayem).

And already the day is goddamned annoying. The CEM for Pink Delicious came in, and, this time out, I got the sort of ambitious copyeditor who simply can't refrain from rewriting my prose and including...questionable...comments. All of this will, of course, be STETed and ignored. This isn't about me being arrogant. This is about a CE who's an idiot. And there's more on this matter, but I'll save it for another entry.

Yesterday was spent pulling together Sirenia Digest #91, which went out to subscribers yesterday. And I attended to the last bit that Dark Horse needed before they could begin laying out Alabaster: Pale Rider.

Today needs to be spent on the Centipede Press edition of The Drowning Girl: A Memoir. Tomorrow, I fucking need to get back to work on Cherry Bomb. Full plate.

Last night, a great RP scene in The Secret World (I wish this were a story you guys could be reading) and then I watched the unintentionally wretchedly hilarious The Beast With a Thousand Eyes (dir. David Kramarsky, 1955).

Now, time to make the doughnuts.

Aunt Beast
Tags: alabaster, bad movies, centipede press, copyeditors, insomnia, pink delicious, red delicious, stet, the drowning girl, the secret world

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