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"The air all painted pallor grey."

A chilly morning. It didn't help that I drew the blinds in my office when I went to bed last night, then shut the door behind me. Out there it's only 66˚F, 43% humidity. Fortunately, all the windows remain shut, so we have a little moisture in the air. In Providence, Spooky and I are seeing the leaves simply turning brown and falling, instead of changing colors. It was such an abysmally dry summer. Oh, and please, the appropriate way to respond to my talking about how negatively autumn affects me is not by telling me how much you love it.

Yesterday, I began a new piece for Sirenia Digest #91, titled "Study for The Witch House." I did 1,008 words. It's something I thought I'd never do, having finished The Drowning Girl and "Random Thoughts Before a Fatal Crash," another Albert Perrault story. I would say that this really will be the last, but...why fucking bother. The story also touches on the "Dandridge Cycle," which is just weird.

At least I seem to be making up for the drought of the summer. A little.

Look! Still no hurricanes. Two more days and we'll break the record for the latest first Atlantic hurricane since the beginning of the satellite era of hurricane detection. I am, by the way, seeing conflicting dates for the beginning of the "satellite era" of detection. But it's been awhile, regardless.

Aunt Beast
Tags: "study for the witch house", albert perrault, autumn, hurricanes, the drowing girl

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