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LJ Entry #3,881.

Every year I make a concerted effort not to dislike autumn so. It seems to have, long ago, won some seasonal popularity contest. Autumn depresses the hell out of me.

Here in Providence, the temperature is 73˚F, the humidity 42%. Winds WSW at 12 mph. So far there has been not a single hurricane in this hurricane season, and the silence from the Atlantic is becoming ominous.

Thursday, I had a doctor's appointment at one, which meant there was no way I'd have a productive day. So, afterwards Kathryn and I drove over to Brown, to the Cohen Gallery at 154 Angell Street to see more of the Ars Necronomica exhibit. It's a very small gallery in a rather hideous glass cube that someone, somewhere, thought was a good idea to erect in the middle of College Hill.

Yesterday, we saw David Twohy's Riddick. Big, stupid fun, and it's only disappointing if you go in expecting something as good as Pitch Black (2000). That said, Riddick is a great improvement over the second film (2004). The best part of Riddick is the first third or so, as the title character, stranded on a desolate planet by plot threads left dangling at the end of The Chronicles of Riddick, attempts to survive...and has a "legendary bad day." There's a nice Robinson Crusoe feel, which vanishes as soon as two ships filled with bounty hunters arrive and it becomes the old game of cat and mouse as Riddick psychs out and kills off the mercs. Oh, and we get to see Katee Sackoff topless which, on the one hand, is worth ticket price, and which, on the other hand, was so gratuitous it was damn near offensive. Yeah, I'm very torn on the topless Katee Sackoff scene. A great deal of Pitch Black is recycled, including lines of dialogue and the threat of predatory aliens that appear when certain environmental conditions are met (here, rain instead of an eclipse). We get to see Karl Urban for about three minutes, as the film frantically tries to tie up the loose threads from that whole Necromonger fiasco. Kathryn said, "It's a film of one liners." Rafer Guzman of Newday called it "gratifyingly preposterous." Yeah. I'd say wait for DVD, though the film's gorgeous cinematics will suffer on a small screen.

I should try and get some work done. Going outside an awful lot. Hardly getting any work done whatsoever.

Aunt Beast
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