greygirlbeast (greygirlbeast) wrote,

"This house just aches, to keep you safe."

Overcast, dim, muggy out there. Rain is coming. More rain. Not an unpleasant late summer sky. It's 75˚F, with the humidity at 89%. And Spooky's gone to the post office to buy stamps. Because, for now, genuine mail does still exist.

This house just creeps, it won't let you sleep.
All that noise, there in your brain,
Won't give you peace.
~ Editors

Yesterday was the nearest thing to a normal workday that I've had in some time. Kathryn read over "Black Ships Seen South of Heaven," and then I read over the whole story. I made a lot of little changes, mostly line edits, and then sent the story off to the editor. "Black Ships Seen South of Heaven" will appear in World War Cthulhu (Dark Regions Press) in "the first quarter of 2014." Anyway, then I emailed the edited ms. for Pink Delicious to my editor at Penguin, so that's out of the way. It was a good work day.

The postman just brought my comp copies of The Year's Best Dark Fantasy and Horror 2013 (Prime), which reprints "Fake Plastic Trees." I was very pleased that both of my SF stories from last year were chosen for a year's best volume (and, of course, "Fake Plastic Trees" was also nominated for the Locus Award), as "Goggles (circa 1900)" was chosen by Jonathan Strahan for The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year, Volume Seven (NSB).

I feel as if maybe I'm waking up from the long nightmare of Green Autumn. make hay while the sun...oh, wait. Well, gotta make hay...

Aunt Beast
Tags: "black ships seen south of heaven", "fake plastic trees, "goggles (c. 1900)", awards, cthulhu, editors, green autumn, hpl, pink delicious, rain, red delicious, science fiction

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