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Welcome to the Occupation

A cloudy day at the beginning of September. It's 75˚F, with the humidity at 89˚. I can hear thunder in the distance. Last night, neighborhood idiots shot off fireworks until sometime after midnight. Selwyn wasn't pleased.

I don't have much to say about yesterday. I'm in the process of dealing with the very last bit of work I have to do in order to put Dark Horse behind me (which pertains to Alabaster: Boxcar Tales #13). Admittedly, it could have been over and done with weeks ago, but I've procrastinated. I'm hoping today will actually be productive.

Probably, yesterday's bright point was the thumb-sized orb weaver Spooky found spinning not far from the back door. There are photos behind the cut:





All Photographs Copyright © 2013 by Kathryn A. Pollnac

I'll aim for a more substantial entry tomorrow. There's only so much can be said about days like these.

Aunt Beast


Sep. 3rd, 2013 07:26 pm (UTC)
Cool spider, cooler camera. A type of wolf spider has been invading my home lately. Not so cool. Not so fun waking up with one on your face. Great pets if you like to see something chased down and devoured.
I do have some wild cucumber outside my door. Very H.P. Lovecraft if you consider the tentacles and the all the spiting they do. Makes you want to keep the windows shut so they don't crawl up the wall and get you. I gather seed every year, and spreed-em around, my area is infested. Oh, wait they have creepy pods too! If want some seeds let me know, you will not be sorry. Wait, you might be sorry later but it will be to late to stop them after your sorry.